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Your team is what makes any company unique. It is important to constantly monitor the health not only of your team, but the health of the space. To ensure maximum satisfaction within the workplace, it is critical to keep your best talent happy and healthy so they can perform at their highest level, produce the best results, and be comfortable in their environment for the entirety of the daily grind.

One of the best ways to make sure that your team is happy and healthy is to create an office environment that is conductive to their success in the workplace. In order to do this, the office must support their health, keep them happy throughout the day, and create a balance in the workplace between work and relaxation. Below, we have listed two important things to consider when creating a happier and healthier workplace.


The space in which you work regularly and complete projects on a daily basis must not only be optimized for productivity, but also for health and creativity. Is your current office space riddled with
furniture that prevents your employees from maintaining energy

throughout their workdays? The furniture your employees are using every day needs to fully support their bodies, help them maintain focus, and cause the least amount of stress possible. To better support your workforce, ensure that any traditional office chairs and tables are replaced with ergonomic pieces. Office chair solutions are a great solution to better office heath because they promote better blood flow, support the muscles in your back, and create an overall better place to relax and focus on deliverables.

To compliment ergonomic seating, further support your team’s health, check out the latest Quickstand height-adjustable workstations. Whether they prefer to sit behind their desk, or they like to stand up to complete their work, Quickstand sit-stand desk caters to all personal preferences without the hassle of re-designing your full workspace. The Quickstand solution allows flexibility on any desk, and clamps to any fixed-height work surface. Studies have shown that standing for just a few minutes every hour helps to improve brain activity, muscle health, and vastly improve your overall mood throughout the day.


There are a few specific steps that you can take in order to break up the monotony of the regular workday. By providing a designated break space and/or recreational area, productivity, innovation, and mental health are all greatly improved. Everyone is familiar with the “break room” of days past – those old coffee corners that traditional offices are accustomed to. Instead, design a fun, one-of-a-kind themed area. Game rooms, in-office coffee shops, an indoor park, or even an environment such as a mini basketball court to promote non-work related competition. Your employees are full of creativity and intuition – it is important that you build a space that allow those qualities to develop and flourish.

Modern offices today are redefining what the contemporary break space looks like. Take a peek at what others are doing – large entities like Google and Facebook have mandatory break times, and their employees aren’t just huddling in a space with couches tables. Think outside the box for ideas – bring in a pool table or one of the ping pong conference tables. Your employees will love the engaging atmosphere and get much more out of their breaks during the day. These types of spaces also help promote team camaraderie and accelerates relationship building within the office.

Whatever style of break room you choose for your modern office, be sure that it allows for your employees to relax, have fun, and gather their thoughts all in the same space. Remember – the functional purpose for this space is to promote more efficient work and happier employees, so create a space that keeps your team happy, energized, and excited to come back to the office each day!

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