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When a company relocates, what happens to all their old furniture, fixtures & equipment? Until recently the standard procedure for disposing of construction and demolition surplus was to label it as waste and simply to send it all to landfill.

This practice produces devastating results. According to EPA estimates, methane produced by rotting matter in landfills is the second largest factor affecting global climate change. Construction and demolition waste account for 40% of landfill substance.

BFG believes that sustainable solutions are essential to the betterment of those in need. As an example, PIMCO & ANEW worked together to create a sustainable surplus stewardship solution: 14 floors decommissioned in 4 weeks * 3500 + furniture items stewarded to 45 local organizations * 900,000 pounds diverted from landfill. ANEW provided tax receipts and comprehensive metrics – tonnage diverted from landfill, surplus flow and amounts. The project’s benefits are a strengthened community, climate change mitigation and bolstering the bottom line. PeoplePlanetProsperity. Excellent project!

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